September Silly Wacky Foto Fun

Last week I shared here that how excited I was to be the newest contributor at as the writer of their Parent Zone page (still super excited). As I started to design the visuals for that page I knew I wanted something fun, family oriented and  catch my audiences eye…ah heck…I wanted it super silly fun. So when the idea finally clicked I knew I was going to go with it. Little did I know who much stinkin’ fun I was going to have making it. Oh and I wasn’t the only one who had fun…my girls totally did too! Parent Zone Image and Parent Zone Sidebar Widget Image…

Parent Zone

Teach Cow Parent Zone Button


So when a friend, Kirsten, (I should also mention she is also the most amazing writer, one of my longest and dearest blogging friends and one of the first…in just a handful of  ridiculously incredible woman… who also showed the amazing power of this amazing space) of mine reach out to congratulate me on my newest adventure I could’t help but comment to her the ridiculous amount of fun I had creating this image.  To which she replied,”I love your pictures, they are calendar worthy! (Hey! That’s an idea!!! 🙂 )” When I saw her response I initially dismissed it in my mind. Who the heck has time to create a calendar. That’s twelve pictures people, with holiday and seasonal themes…no way! Then I paused and took her idea in some more. I reminded and told myself how much I loved….I mean seriously LOVED creating this Teach Cow image. It made me silly giddy happy. So what if I did one a month for a year and then saw what came of it all? Now that was an idea. Fluttering with happiness I told  Kirsten what a genius she was!

That same day, I told my daughters about Kirsten’s idea on the drive home from school. Goofy, off the wall, silly awesome idea spewed from our brains (October, November and December were instantly brainstormed…hehehe…so much fun and crazy). That just left a September themed image.  I knew didn’t want to do back to school. In my parts that is an August theme. My husband suggested Labor Day, but that just felt too…labory boringish (sorry honey). Then my oldest declared with the biggest smile, “September is Gil’s birthday momma! What about Gil?!” (Gil is my 9yr old’s blue and purple Beta fish and the most crazy friendly and social fish I have ever met). I knew her suggestion was just the right kind of fun silly crazy inspiration I wanted for my next image!

So thanks to Kirsten and my daughters willingness to be forever enshrined in silly wacky pictures their mother loves to create.

I give you our September Foto Fun “Celebrating Gil’s Birthday”…

September Foto Fun "Celebrating Gil's Birthday"

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